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Independent consultant enabling access to the China market and driving UK inward investment.



Not your average consultant

Jonathan Watkins prides himself on having frank, and sometimes difficult, conversations about risk, to help his clients ‘read between the lines’ and make informed decisions about their future in China. After a decade working as a Global Financial Controller and then Head of Business Operations in China for Nokia, Jonathan built a digital media production business from scratch in Beijing, which he later sold. He then became an independent consultant, co-founding BIIC, a Chinese Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, before returning to the UK. “I want to flip the model. I’m not always hunting for new opportunities and I haven’t simply bolted China onto my business as another division. China is my sole focus and through BIIC I have control over how to deliver it to my clients.”

“After 6 years at Nokia HQ in Finland, I secured a promotion to the Beijing office. It opened my eyes because everything about China was so fascinating – it’s why I spent over 10 years immersed in its culture. Every business wants China but if you don’t understand how it works, it’s very hard to survive there. By leveraging my personal network, knowledge and experience, I set my clients up for success.”

A business analyst mindset

As an international business graduate, British-born Jonathan carved an impressive career path that saw him secure a solid grounding in business acumen. Starting out with Xerox and subsequently Nokia, Jonathan refined his analytical skills, understanding the importance of asking the right questions to determine the best path to pursue.

Jonathan then went on to acquire, build and successfully sell a digital media production company, before practicing business consultancy in London and Beijing.

“My philosophy has always been that business is win-win and I want to help businesses to get stuff done, and get it done right. I’m very operationally driven, but as an analyst it’s my job to challenge people to think differently and ensure they’ve performed their due diligence before investing.”

Discover how Jonathan enables his clients to mitigate risk and succeed with their new investment:

“My purpose is to passionately fight for my clients because over the last decade I’ve watched several companies be exploited and waste £millions in investment, purely by wanting to succeed in China. It makes my blood boil.”


Although starting his career working with large Enterprises, Jonathan now takes those lessons learned to benefit large, entrepreneurial, London-based SMEs that aspire to conquer the orient.



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